Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's Muse: Crispy

Birthday day was a day of extremes. No middle ground. Either raucous and extravagant or solemn and restrained.

But mostly upbeat, I say. A full day spent in the company of wonderful people. I am content.

I got a laptop protection unit aka a schweet padded case. There is a person threatening to blow up on it. And I had toast.

Cristina's coming to do a show! Excellent.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


But I'm an hour late on starting the Shutdown Day thing. Ach.

Have photos.

Be right back.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today's Muse: Ishkabibble

So, guess what I'm vaguely obsessed with at the moment?
I know what my holiday project is going to be... Whee.
*On another note, I found a lovely little nook in Boat Quay. Perfect for a birthday hole-up, I think. Time to mail the invitations.
Perhaps I will attempt the finger-waves Saturday morning for the occasion.
*I'm cautiously optimistic about the Watchmen movie.
*Yay 300!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Today's Muse: Argh Painy

* The Word Womb production week went off nicely. There are stories, as there will always be. Perhaps later. People still owe me money. Gimme.

* So much laundry.


* MIKA. Woo!

* Off to Young Co. After that is the Anne Reunion, and after that is Party. Gah.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today's Muse: Juice, Too Sweet

*Have been trying to stay away from coffee and tea lest I end up becoming too dependent on caffiene. But damnit, it would help.

*The Word Womb is showing at LaSalle-SIA, Studio Theatre on the 15th and 16th of March, 8pm. That's next week, Thursday and Friday. There was going to be a third show on Saturday, but that's been cancelled. Come down, take a look. It's a showing of work done by the Theatre Arts Diploma class; stuff they wrote themselves. It isn't linear, more a collective of moments.

*My nephew finished the first two Harry Potter books in as many days and is now onto the third book. He is eight years old.

*Remember Hungry? Well, come 27th April, the Theatre Foundation wil be presenting. Working title is The Room of Hungry Baby Shakers. Geddit? Geddit?

*Home internet is still broken.

*So much work.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fuck you all. Except you.

Actually, no, yeah. Fuck you, too.

Fuck is a good word. It's a nice word, it's a word we all like to say. It's powerful; it makes us feel powerful. It's aggressive and you can sort of spit it out, and spray. Makes you feel slightly reckless. It's a bit of tension released with every time you spit it out. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.


So, I'm assured that the new template is up and running, and that new posts are indeed showing up on clove-dom. I can't see it myself, actually, on this end. It appears to be stuck on that hideous Chingay post.

Rrrr. Bad code. Bad cache. Bad internet.

So. It's very bright, isn't it? Like acid. Except acid doesn't really have a colour. Damnit I'm too tired for this.

There is work. There is always work.

I want to get fat and slowly roast in my own fat fat juices in the sun, which will be of the roasting quality.

I want sleep and I want death.
For other people.
The death bit, I mean.
Today's Muse: Code, code, code

Tinkered with a new template, but it doesn't seem to be showing up. Damnit. Took bloody long, too.